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Introducing 3D Sleeping Mask: Your Ultimate Light Blocking Companion for Restful Sleep Anywhere!

Introducing 3D Sleeping Mask: Your Ultimate Light Blocking Companion for Restful Sleep Anywhere!

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MERALL 3D Eyeshade Sleep Mask - Model SA7270

Product Features:
1. Pressure Relief 3D Sleep Mask: Ergonomically designed eye mask with deeper contours for free eye movement and no pressure. Say goodbye to tightness with this comfortable solution for long-lasting sleep.

2. 100% Light Blockage: Enjoy a larger coverage and perfect fit for your face's curves, effectively blocking all light. Specially designed nose area ensures complete darkness for optimal sleep.

3. Fit for 99.9% of Head Sizes: Adjustable, painless elastic band ensures a perfect fit. Durable, soft material prevents deformation and ensures a secure fit without hair damage, suitable for extended wear.

4. Soft, Breathable, and Durable: Made from premium memory foam, this mask relieves pressure and fatigue around the eyes, promoting relaxation for better sleep.

5. Sleep As You Prefer: Lightweight and flexible design ensures no light leakage whether you're sleeping on your back or side. Perfect for use at home, on airplanes, trains, buses, or in the office to relieve fatigue.

Cleaning Method:
1. Hand wash with low temperature.
2. Avoid vigorous rubbing.
3. Dry flat.
4. Do not machine wash.

What You Get:
1 x Eye Mask



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