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GlowSpectrum: Vibrant Crystal Wired Keyboard Mouse Set

GlowSpectrum: Vibrant Crystal Wired Keyboard Mouse Set

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Introducing GlowSpectrum: The Vibrant Crystal Wired Keyboard Mouse Set


- Color Options: Available in black and white.
- Lighting Mode: Experience the mesmerizing colorful crystal glow lighting mode.
- Key Count: Features 104 keys for comprehensive functionality.
- Transmission Method: Wired USB connectivity ensures a stable connection.
- Cable Length: Generous 1.5-meter cable length for flexibility.
- Button Life: Boasts a durability of 5 million button presses.
- Key Technology: Utilizes silk screen characters for clear and long-lasting key markings.
- Product Size: Compact dimensions of 445*135*26mm for comfortable use.
- Multimedia Keys: Supports multimedia functions for enhanced versatility.
- Keycap Type: Features Suspended Punk Round keycaps for a stylish look.
- Voltage/Current: Operates on 5V/100mA.
- Panel Material: Constructed with gold frosted material for durability.
- System Support: Compatible with Windows XP/Win7/8 and ISO.


- Lighting Mode: Enjoy the dynamic marquee lighting mode for an eye-catching effect.
- Interface: USB2.0 interface for reliable connectivity.
- Key Count: Equipped with 4 keys for efficient navigation.
- Line Length: Features a 1.35-meter cable for flexibility.
- Size: Compact dimensions of 115*64*38mm for comfortable use.
- Button Life: Withstands over 8 million clicks for lasting performance.
- Three-Speed DPI: Adjustable DPI settings of 800-1200-1600dpi for customized control.
- Rated Voltage/Current: Runs on 5V/100mA for efficient power usage.
- System Requirements: Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/OSX.
- Ergonomics: Designed with ergonomic support for comfortable usage.

Packing List:

- 1 x GlowSpectrum Keyboard
- 1 x GlowSpectrum Mouse
- 1 x Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Optional)

Elevate your computing experience with the GlowSpectrum Vibrant Crystal Wired Keyboard Mouse Set, featuring mesmerizing lighting effects and reliable performance.



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