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The All-in-One Groom: Shave, Trim, & Clip with 7D Precision

The All-in-One Groom: Shave, Trim, & Clip with 7D Precision

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Luxurious comfort guaranteed

Crafted from ultra-soft facecloth fleece fabric, our Adult Shark Oversized Hoodie provides unmatched comfort, lightweight warmth, and durability.

Certified viral on TikTok for a reason

More than just a blanket, the Sharky Snuggle doubles as dress-up attire, a themed event costume, loungewear, or even an adult onesie for versatile fun

30 day warranty

With every order, enjoy the assurance of our 30-day warranty. Should any issues arise, we'll promptly replace it, as outlined in our policy page. Rest easy knowing we also support all major payment options for added peace of mind. Experience zero risk with us.

The All-in-One Groom: Shave, Trim, & Clip with 7D Precision - Introducing the RQ8870

Ditch the Dopp Kit, Embrace the All-in-One Groom!

The RQ8870 isn't just an electric shaver, it's a complete grooming powerhouse. This versatile tool tackles everything from a smooth, close shave to beard trimming and detail work, all with the power of 7D floating head technology.

Experience the 7D Difference:

Say goodbye to irritation and hello to a comfortable shave. The RQ8870's 7D floating heads effortlessly follow the contours of your face, ensuring a close shave without nicks or cuts, even on sensitive skin.

Wet or Dry, You Decide:

The RQ8870 adapts to your preference. Enjoy a refreshing wet shave with shaving cream for ultimate comfort, or tackle your grooming needs on-the-go with a convenient dry shave.

More Than Meets the Eye:

The RQ8870 goes beyond a simple shave, offering a full suite of attachments for complete head-to-toe grooming:

  • Pop-Up Sideburns Trimmer: Maintain sharp lines and perfect your sideburns with ease.
  • Precision Trimmer Head: Detail your beard, mustache, or goatee with ultimate control.
  • Nose & Ear Trimmer Head: Safely remove unwanted nose and ear hair.

Built for Convenience:

  • Cordless Power: Enjoy the freedom of cordless grooming with a fast 1.5-hour charging time and up to 80 minutes of shaving power.
  • Waterproof Design: Cleaning is a breeze with the fully submersible RQ8870. Simply rinse it under running water.
  • Charging Indicator: Stay informed about the battery level with the convenient charging indicator.

The All-in-One Groom: The RQ8870 is your one-stop shop for a flawless and effortless grooming experience. Order yours today!

Please Note: Head shaving functionality is recommended for those who maintain a bald head regularly. The scalp of individuals who don't typically shave their head may be more sensitive.



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