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WILLED FreeLight: The Cordless Lamp for Any Space

WILLED FreeLight: The Cordless Lamp for Any Space

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WILLED FreeLight: The Cordless Lamp for Any Space - Unplug Your Lighting Potential

The WILLED FreeLight isn't just a lamp, it's liberation from the constraints of cords. This versatile touch lamp transforms into a reading light, night light, table lamp, or desk lamp, all while keeping you completely cordless.

Rechargeable Power for Endless Illumination:

FreeLight boasts a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for constant battery swaps. Simply charge it via USB for extended use. Need a soft glow for hours? No problem! FreeLight delivers up to 30 hours on low brightness settings.

Magnetic Marvel: Sticks Where You Need It:

The magic of FreeLight lies in its magnetic back. Effortlessly stick it to any metal surface for hands-free lighting, perfect for workshops, shelves, or even your car. Need a traditional lamp setting? No worries! Place it on the included base for a sturdy and stylish solution on your desk or nightstand.

Touch to Glow, Dim to Perfection:

Controlling your light is as simple as a touch. FreeLight features a user-friendly touch sensor for easy on/off operation and dimming control. Feeling creative? Utilize the stepless dimming function to adjust the brightness to your liking, from a focused reading light to a calming nightlight.

Unleash the FreeLight's Versatility:

  • Reading Light: Bright illumination for late-night studying or crafting sessions.
  • Night Light: Soft, warm glow to lull you to sleep peacefully.
  • Table Lamp: Create a stylish and functional centerpiece on your desk or side table.
  • Desk Lamp: Focus the light exactly where you need it for tasks or working from home.

FreeLight's Compact Design Makes it Perfect For:

  • Bedside tables
  • Desks
  • Closets & Cabinets
  • Workshops & Garages
  • Camping trips & Outdoor adventures
  • And anywhere you need a touch of light, unplugged!

Package Includes:

  • WILLED FreeLight Lamp
  • Base (x2)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual

Unleash the WILLED FreeLight and experience cordless illumination that adapts to your every need!






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